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Splendide® Standard Vent Kit VI422

Splendide® Standard Vent Kit VI422

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® Splendide® Standard Vent Kit VI422

Splendide® dryer vent kits are designed specifically for OEM and aftermarket RV installations.  This kit includes a UV-protected, paintable louvered vent with 4-inch metal tail piece and recessed mounting screw holes for a clean appearance.


  • Included: Louvered vent cover, two worm-driven screw clamps, inside collar, and 2' of flexible metal ducting
    For Models: WDV2200X vented combo and DV6400X vented dryerCompatibility: 
    Splendide® Clothes Dryer Part Number TVM63X
    Color: White
    With Vent Cover: Yes
    With Flexible Metallic Ducting: Yes
    With Worm Driven Screw Clamps: Yes

Features & Benefits

    • UV Protected, Paintable Louvered Vent
    • With Metal Tail Piece And Recessed Mounting Screw Holes, Worm-Driven Screw Clamps, Fire-Resistant Flexible All-Metal Duct, Inside Collar
    • Designed Specifically For OEM And Aftermarket RV Installations
    • Quick And Easy Dryer Vent Installation
    • Limited 90 Day Supplier Warranty

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