Splendide Washer-Dryer Doesn't Drain or Spin

Splendide Washer-Dryer Doesn't Drain or Spin

WD2100 WD2000S

If your Splendide washer dryer is not draining it could be because the selected program incorporates a manual draining command. Reference your Owners Manual to better understand the control panel. When using the Easy Iron function without presetting a drying program, the machine will stop and wait for your command to drain. Simply press the Easy Iron button again and the machine will drain.

If the drain pump is clogged try turning off the water supply and then unplugging the washer-dryer and check the pump. The pump is equipped with a self-cleaning that does not require regular cleaning and maintenance but small objects may fall into the pump unintentionally which may cause clogging. These will be found in an accessible pre-chamber at the lower end of the pump. To access this gently easy down the top of the toe-kick panel at the base of the front of the machine, with a screwdriver to release it. Then ease the top edge forward to allow it to be lifted clear. You will want to place a shallow dish or tray below the cover of the ore-chamber to catch the water present, it should be a small amount. Release the cover by turning counter-clockwise and remove the debris and put back in place. 

Make sure the drain hoses is free of kinks and clogging. The drain hose should be as straight as possible. Make sure there is nothing blocking the flow of water.


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