Splendide® Washer RV/Marine Winterization Instructions


*If you are currently pumping antifreeze through your freshwater system, you can follow these steps to winterize your washing machine.

1.) Make sure Machine Power is OFF

2.) Select advance cycle selector knob to 'Lightly Soiled"

3.) Press the Power Button once

4.) Use the Temp button to select "Hot"

5.) Press and hold the Start Button for 2 seconds, then release. The machine will enter a short fill, then pause. Next it will enter a longer fill and pause again. At this point if you have seen the antifreeze enter the Dispenser you can move on. If not, press and hold Power button once to turn the power off, then go through Steps 3-5 again.

6.) After the Second fill, during the pause, press and hold the power button to turn power OFF.  This will automatically drain the antifreeze from the drum and then turn off.


1.) Make sure the machine is powered OFF. Pour bleach into both compartment '3' and the extra bleach compartment '4' of the Dispenser Drawer, filling both to their max fill levels. 

2.) Turn the cycle selector knob to the Clean Washer cycle

3.) Turn on Power button, then press and hold the Start button for 2 seconds and release

4.) Allow the machine to run through the complete cycle to clean out any remaining antifreeze. 




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